Amidst constant economic ambiguity, inflating costs, shifting legislation and myriad formidable challenges,Anurag Urban Techinfra Pvt. Ltd. offers essential returns with quality residential homes and crucial related benefits. Anurag has converged resources, expertise, research and manpower to offer the paramount, when it comes to luxurious homes and lifestyle.

Creating ground-breaking trends, substantiated with latest and high-end technology, Anurag strives with the core objective of offering affordable homes to the lower and mid-income strata.

Continually striving, being true to our ethos and foundation, and steadfastly leading the path, we explore the instrumental innovation and technology to provide the best.

We are always with an unwavering focus to deliver the finest upshots, with utmost transparency.

With better management and control over the procedures of construction, particularly, from initial management of risks through to quality development, we stand by - to accomplish the tasks unto fruition.

As an organisation, being customer-centric and sensitive towards our employees, vendors, architects, consultants and other counter-parts, working with a mutual and beneficial relationship, is our core philosophy.

It’s our persistent and tireless commitment to professional zeal, in conjunction to offering optimum quality and safety in our construction.

We are devoted to our mainstay values and business ethos, and embrace innovative and latest trends in technology. Anurag comprises a strengthened entrepreneurial atmosphere and functionality absorbed towards giving home-owners and clients worthy and significant residential & home solutions.

We aim at providing tangible and transparent work culture, with inculcation to meeting pre-set timelines.