About the moment

Anurag Ela

Nashik ! uttering this word, the very first thing that comes in mind is the holy and religious prosperity of this city. Ganga Ghat, Trambkeshwar and plenty of other divine places are there in city where we can spend the most peaceful and spiritual moments of our mortal life. This is one good reason for all Nashikities to feel little special while mentioning this holy place as ‘home-town’.

Now specially speaking of your home in ‘Anurag Ela’, it is situated in the shade of ‘green epics’ known as ‘Pandav Leni’. actually this place is known for its mythological aspect, yet it could be a ideal picnic spot to plan a one day return trip with family as it is walking distance away from your home. On the way there is ‘Phalke Smarak’, a memorial dedicated to Dadasaheb Phalke, where we found all the milestones of his creative reel journey compiled elegantly under one roof. Thus... here is ‘Anurag Ela’, standing tall and welcoming.