At a time when the construction industry is faced with numerous challenges, Shri. Sudhir Yeole is pragmatic and optimistic about the changes that are to take place soon. He foresees the scenario to be a prolific entrepreneurial foreground; particularly, for a favourable future for builders and home creators.

Shri Yeole, with his foresight has founded Anurag Urban Techinfra Pvt. Ltd., in order to be able accomplish his desires, ethos and compassion of providing apt alternatives of comfortable and pleasant living experience to people that deserve the most. His wealth of professional experience in the industry has been a catalyst in Anurag’s existence. With hardcore entrepreneurial insight, futuristic vision and a sensitive perspective to work with ethics, he desires to fulfil people’s aspiration of owning their dream homes.

He has a well encompassed expertise in every area of construction and building pleasant residential homes, capitalising competencies of engineers, consultants, architects; also well-versed with material management, on-site operations, impeccable co-ordination and communications.

In his view, Anurag Urban Techinfra Pvt.Ltd. has emerged as a potential quality residential home provider substantiated with comfort, class and longevity, and will endure all odds to exceed everybody’s expectations time and time again.