The journey began in 1998; Anurag Urban Techinfra Pvt.Ltd. has been a name known for cosy residential homes and building apartments ever since. Having got incorporated in 2010, it has been a meticulous and professional construction company. Anurag Urban Techinfra has developed projects recognised for quality, commitment, assurance and warmth offering facets. We, at Anurag, are resolute to build residential structures and buildings with strength, and can be easily identified for opulence, luxury and perfection.

While a home owner alone understands what a hassle-free and satisfactory living is, our core differentiators have been providing exclusiveness and comfort to our clients or home owners. Moreover, we have gained a unique reputation for rendering possession of homes and flats as per committed timelines, to unburden buyers from heavy repayment of loans.

Anurag has amassed enormous financial stakes in lands, properties, infrastructure and resources, to be able to offer the best-in-class residential and living experience. We have been striving hard, securing abundant space for building high quality and exclusive residential homes and complexes in Maharashtra, India. The objective behind every effort has been in the direction, tirelessly realising dreams of all those who desire & deserve cosy, elite and luxurious living, yet finding it easily affordable and cost-effective.

We have pioneered the latest trends, and exercised with ultimate innovativeness and technological might that constitute our competitive strengths in building homes. We have fostered required resources, well-equipped infrastructure, backed by a vastly experienced and skilled workforce, to initiate and accomplish end-to-end building tasks.

Our properties have been acquired and built for delightful, tranquil and unperturbed living. Most certainly, the locations and landscapes are identified for strategic and adaptable constructions; designs and milieus are created with the expertise of reputable and competent architects and consultants.

We have acquired ideal and vantage pieces of land and properties for future projects of ours, apart from existing residential ventures. We are persistent towards expansion of our organisation vertically and horizontally, in order to extend most advantageous benefits to our clients, home-owners, employees, vendors and our counter-parts.

Anurag Techinfra is committed to offering safe homes, sustaining excellence in high quality building, with operational and functional reliability. Forthrightly, less than one third of our constituent is profit earning, and over two third constitutes quality and self satisfying innovation that will yield customer satisfaction. It’s our inculcation to commence every project development after complete approvals, regulatory processes and certifications.